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  • Hello

    Is there anybody, in here that can help me, im looking for a widget that i can add the to sidebar.
    I want to be abel to add new categorys form the main page and be able to assigning the category to a parrent category.

    The purpose of this side is a technical support side, for a closed grupe of technicians, but i want to build a side that, alows the useres to work only from the main side, so they dont need to enter the control panel.

    I have been searching and searching to see if i could find a widget that can solve this job, but it seemes to me, that it might not exist.

    So I would be very greatfull i any can help me.

    Best regards

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  • try this plugin here.

    Hi HTH
    This plugin, is the one that i already use to add a new post.

    But my problem is, when i want to make a new post, and the category that the post should be assigned to, dosn’t exist.

    Then they have to add a new category and assign it to a parrent, but to do so, you have to go into the control panel, and that is what i try to avoid here.

    Best Regards

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