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    Is there a simple to way to widen the sidebars (and for that matter the main content page too)? They are too narrow for the standard Facebook “Like Box” for example and other widgets.
    Many thanks.

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  • Theme Author Matt van Andel


    Not at the moment. Because of the complexity of our dynamic layout system, and the way the sidebars are styled, it’s not a very straightforward fix.

    You could use an override stylesheet to widen the sidebars, but you’d have to do something about the sidebar “paper” backgrounds too, as they don’t scale horizontally.

    Thanks for the reply Veraxus… by the way, fancy sharing some of that biscuit?! 🙂

    Theme Author Matt van Andel


    I believe I have this cracked, and the next version of AJ will almost certainly allow you to set custom sidebar widths. Worst case scenario, I’ll include a couple of preset widths to choose from, but I think I can one-up that and allow custom values.

    I’ll keep you updated. 😉

    P.S. The delicious biscuit pictured is from a place down the street called Specialty’s Bakery ( We eat far too many of them at this office, but the devilish things are downright religiously good 😛

    Genius – thanks Veraxus. I really apreciate the effort on the sidebars.
    It’s for my friend’s site (Eleazar Galea – Artist) and you should see how the FB box looks a bit squashed at the mo!
    In no way am I a programmer; I just modify, edit and learn as I go along. I’m working on my own site in my spare time (Stoffershorty’s Home) but I haven’t much use for a blog yet – at least you can get some idea about the guy who started this thread!
    The Blog I’ve done for my work uses the standard 2010 theme: ICP Blog and the one I created for my musician friend uses the Open-sourcerer theme as it closely resembles his site’s colours: Richie Muir Official Site.
    That gives you, hopefully, some info about my background and why the overriding the stylesheet seems a daunting task!
    On a sadder note – those delicious biscuits & cookies are ONLY AVAILABLE IN THE STATES – HOW CRUEL ARE YOU SENDING ME THAT LINK??!! ha ha.

    Theme Author Matt van Andel


    So I’ve finished implementing 100% custom sidebar widths. There’s a new option in AJ settings that lets you set the sidebar width down to the pixel and everything else is adjusted automatically to compensate.

    I’m going to have to give this feature a bit of cool-down time so I can spot bugs, because I’m sure all that dynamic tweaking has some caveats I haven’t thought of yet. If you want the bleeding edge beta version, I’ll be happy to send it your way. Shoot me an email and I’ll send it along.

    Great stuff. I’ve sent you & the team a mail via the Contact Form. Impressive site by the way.

    Theme Author Matt van Andel


    This is officially a feature of Adventure Journal 1.7. I just submitted it to so it should be available in a day or so. 😉

    yey – well done. Many thanks. I’ll keep my eyes peeled.
    All the best for you & the team.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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