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  • Hey Melissa!

    This could be easily done with using some modifications to CSS. May i ask a link to your site so i can take a peek to the code?

    Hi Niko – This is for It’s actually a friend’s site. I figured it was CSS, but I’m still learning. I found a few codes on the web, but wanted to make sure I consulted with some pro’s before doing anything. I do have Admin rights to the site.

    Melissa – make sure any changes you make are done using a Custom CSS plugin or a Child Theme – otherwise your changes will be overwritten when the theme is updated.

    WPyogi – I will be making updates to the Custom CSS area!

    Perfect :)!! Caroline is so great to include that!

    I’m currently in the stage of curiosity as it relates to CSS, but still too afraid to “just try”, so I learned very early on that Custom CSS is a MUST!!

    We love to hear that around here – we’re usually having to twist arms to convince people to do it! I’m not super familiar with Scrappy, but I just looked at your site and it looks like it may be pretty simple to make the site wider – but a bit more complicated to change just the width of the main section. Are you firmly wedded to keeping the sidebar the same width?

    Maybe see how this looks:

    #page {
       width: 1200px;

    You’ll probably need to fix the ad at the top?

    Woohoo! The preview looks perfect. I’ll see about whether the ad size needs to/can be changed. I’m only the temporary admin/advisor!!

    Are there additional options you might recommend to adjust the post/sidebar width?

    On my own site (different theme) I have 1200 overall with 67% content and 33% sidebar or approximately 800 x 400. The site owner might like that.

    How would the above Custom CSS be edited/added-to, rather, to reflect this type of layout?

    The way it’s coded is a bit tricky because of all the percentages – which makes it work great on different size devices, but you have to find the various margins and elements that have percentages that are affected. You can use Firebug (browser addon for Firefox) to locate those, but it can get a little tricky. But since you’re using Custom CSS – you can’t really do much damage by playing around with it :)!

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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