• Is wordpress so sensitive?
    and what is the difference between what I have found here at .org and the wordpress at .com

    Why are there not streaming video tutorials about getting started and working with wordpress?

    Is this an opensource community?


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  • Err, is it?

    Worpress.com is a hosted service running a multi-user version of WordPress. New features often appear there before they’re available in the self-hosted version. It’s run as a commercial operation, with paid employees providing much of the support.

    WordPress.org is the site for the open-source, self-hosted WordPress software. Support here is by volunteers. If you host WP on your own web space, you have complete control over it – you can install numerous plugins to add features or change its behaviour, and you can use any theme you wish to change its appearance (or develop your own).

    If there is no streaming video, it’s because nobody has made any. Perhaps someone with the time and resources will do so at some point…

    And yes, wordpress.org is an open-source project. There are mailing lists here:


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