• proflowa


    I only needed a simple plugin for the user photos. And now it’s a completely new plugin. Which has nothing to do with the actual function. Fully overcrowded and unnecessary. Why is the plugin used for this and not a new one created. I deleted this junk right away.

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  • KC


    Disgusting behavior this. Means I’m having to migrate to another plugin without much notice and manually uploading new avatars.

    Hope this results in a permaban.


    What an unpleasant surprise to find that a useful small plugin had been replaced with something i didn’t ask for (and that broke my site in the process).


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    I’m closing this topic as it’s not a support topic but more of a venting blog post. This site isn’t anyone’s blog though we do have software to let you do that.

    If you need support for this plugin, please raise a support topic. You can do so here.


    If you want to vent, complain, pile on then don’t. That’s not what this site is for.

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    One last item: this plugin is opensource. None of the users here is anyone’s customer. If you use this plugin and something changes like this you can choose to stop using the plugin. At best users here are opensource collaborators with the developer of this plugin.

    The developer does not owe anyone anything. No one deserves even a reply from anyone or even support. Though it is great when code is supported here.

    Please check your expectations appropriately.

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