• I only needed a simple plugin for the user photos. And now it’s a completely new plugin. Which has nothing to do with the actual function. Fully overcrowded and unnecessary. Why is the plugin used for this and not a new one created. I deleted this junk right away.

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    +1 I’m outraged about adding 100500 features most of users just wasn’t need to

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    It’s just a marketing approach. Use a free normal plugin. And then exchange with a completely different one. I bet there will be a premium version or premium extensions / features. But one should be ashamed of such an approach. Anyone who has a good product does not need such an approach. So it can only be junk.

    The most stupid “update” of a WordPress-Plugin ever!
    So why by hell they don’t create a NEW plugin for these tons of features? I think, this is foisting completely new functions for an “existing” plugin. This is not acceptable!

    So I say “Goodbye” and delete “wp-user-avatar” / “ProfilePress”!

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    a perfect plugin that I use on a great deal of websites just went from useful to being flooded with a millions whistles, bells and requests to setup pages that the original plugin never intended to do or have. I appreciate all the efforst but it totally changes the functionality so this is me saying no thanks guys I am going to use another plugin now as I don’t need it to have a million features.

    I agree. I appreciate your work, mostly free, but it would have been better to make a new plugin on its own. I also don’t need many new features and there is confusion …
    Anyway thanks for what you’ve done so far and good luck!

    This is completely unethical to do. You POS company will be on my blacklist and all of my clients will be notified as to why your plugins will never be used again.

    Not cool folks!
    I appreciate your plugin’s functionality as it was, but I can’t ( nor won’t ) install/update this plugin in my clients’ sites, or mine for that matter.

    As a developer, I wish you the best of luck.

    It was an amazing plugin that does just one work and really good. Now, by adding zillions of features, random junks, bloated, and all, I had to uninstall it. Really sad and a huge disappointment.

    Definitely not a fan of this change… finding an alternative and deleting this.

    Unfortunately, the last update was awful, We need find an alternative plugin…

    👎 ‘ll have to change to another plugin 👎

    This is a complete new plugin with tons of features I’ll never need! Why did you do this?? I will have to delete it from many sites. 🙁

    This plugin was great but now has a lot of features I don’t need, I’ve downgraded to previous versión while I’m looking for an alternative.

    Not cool guys. I am definitely NOT happy with this update either. You went from 43 to 603 files for functionality I don’t want

    All I needed is a way to upload profile pictures. Nothing else.

    You should have create an addon or completely new plugin for this.

    Anybody found an alternative?

    The update crashed my site.

    It is now uninstalled and a less hungry plugin is doing the simple job that I need.

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