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    I installed WP Multisite over 50 blog since WP 3.0. Every time i must delete /blog slug. I think, Why WP need default /blog slug when WP need to be CMS.

    Lastly i installed WP 3.4.1 and can’t remove /blog slug, I don’t know why. i try to 4 days to remove but can’t do it.

    If you have solution please let me know. Thanks.

    PS. For developer please remove /blog slug default in next WordPress Multisite version. Please.

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    I think i can solved it.

    1. At blog site set Settings -> Permalinks -> Common Setting -> Default (Must select default only and don’t touch any thing, If you need to change category base, tag base set at Network Admin only)

    2. At Network Admin -> Sites -> (root site) Permalink Sturcture -> /%category%/%post_id%

    That it will remove /blog slug



    I believe you are right, this works.
    You are a genius!

    But you lose the structure after changing the permalinks in the sites admin dashboard. Something to keep in mind.

    Thank you metoo55.

    Thanks — only slight bummer left is we lose the post_name and have to live with post_id. This is still better tho, than being stuck with “/blog” in the slug.

    After I followed the steps from metoo55, I changed the wp-admin/network/site-settings.php to just /%postname% and it works like a dream!!!!

    As far as I can tell, everything is back to normal. This solution needs to be much more public for WordPress 3.5!

    Yes, its Works. But in Network Settings when i change the permalink to /%postname% the permalink not working for my pots, but change to /%postname%/ its Work!!! Im very Happy!

    Hello everybody, I have followed the instructions religiously….but where do you actually make the changes in the wp-admin/network/site-settings.php.

    Thank you for your support.

    I’ve got to say, I went back and tried it again a different time… can’t get it to work… it seems I was pretty lucky to get it to work time #1.

    Ugh WordPress….

    @metoo55, thank you for the handy work around. I have used postname instead.
    What about taking the category slug off so that the link reads as follow, for example:


    Were travel is the category.

    As opposed to


    On a different note, Can i always revert back to default, using the slug blog ?

    What are the default permalinks setting for primary site at site level and network level?
    Apologies for the numerous questions and thank you for your support.

    Thanks, confirming this works in 3.5.1



    @metoo55, i agree with stdekker! I’ve been trying to fix this for over a week now. Great job, thanks!

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