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  • I have to ask why you would do this… the other editor was fast, flawless and had everything we needed.

    I cannot figure out how to make a simply home page with a slider now.

    Please, if you want them to give up “Gutenberg” please add to this post.

    It makes NO sense whatsoever and I’m a seasoned designer.

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  • I cannot figure out how to make a simply home page with a slider now.

    What theme are you using and how you added a home page with a slider in the past?

    Or are you saying you’re not sure how to do this as the theme designer now?

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    I just discovered the “Gutenberg” system is only for beginner bloggers, like some online web editors you get at free sites.

    It does not have any features for advanced design. It did not make anything easier for the majority of users. It was a boneheaded change to be sure. If they don’t dump it I’ll have to switch to a new engine.

    I will stick with the classic editor and DIVI builder which offers many more options.

    Look for yourself, do you see any option to install a full page slider?

    So I removed everything including the DB and started over with WP 4.9.9, installed Easy Update to stop auto-updates, and used an older version of DIVI ( not too old just a few months old)

    I agree with the assessment of webmistressofthedark.

    Gutenberg is a step backwards for anyone who has used WordPress for some time. It might have benefits for new users, but to shove a piece of software down people’s throat that affects so much of their website is unconscionable.

    Gutenberg should have been made available to users as an opt-in selection in Settings. There are page builder plugins that are far more full-featured than Gutenberg. So why would developers waste their time solving a problem that didn’t need to be solved in the first place?

    Hopefully the backlash against WordPress is enough to force them to change course. Gutenberg takes twice as long to develop a website, almost all blocks have to be converted to HTML blocks for me, and there’s no way to add images to code. I would seriously have to question the competence of the entire WordPress team at this point.

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    Thanks for your support. I do not for the life of me understand why this step backward???

    When I saw what happened with WP 5.0 I was stunned that I could not even put up the simplest of pages.

    It would seem that would be OK for text bloggers, but with regular builder and themes like DIVI so much is possible…

    I do not want to have to resort to a plugin to keep this functionality.

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