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  • This has happened twice since I’ve upgraded to WP 2.0 yesterday. After initally publishing a post & then editing & republishing, the post status, without my changing it, reverts from “publish” to “private.”

    It’s pretty bizarre & I wish I knew why it was happening. I just worry that someday a post will revert to private & I won’t notice it & thus the public won’t be able to access it when I want them to be able to do so.

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  • Which web browser are you using when doing the edits?

    Firefox 1.5

    Are you getting any Javascript errors of any sort? I’ve just double checked this with WP2.0 and Firefox 1.0.7 and am it’s behaving as expected.

    This also happen to me before. Then I realize that it only happen if, you REFRESH the post page that u going to edit.

    Dunno if that the same thing happen to u.

    Zeo – were you using the same browser?

    I’ve this same problem too, using Firefox 1.5

    I’m not sure what Zeo is referring to precisely. Sometimes, because my browser doesn’t refresh very quickly, when I click on Publish I’ll then click on Shift+Reload to resolve the page quicker.

    I’m not sure if that’s the same behavior that Zeo describes. I have also tried performing the above actions on a test post & not been able to replicate the behavior as Zeo’s describing it. SO I’m not sure that explains the problem I”m having (though they could be related).

    I had a couple revert to private on WP2 (with FireFox 1.5), as well, but am not sure why/how. I think it happened when I was shuttling things from one category to another. It was weird. My category count appeared to be off, as it reported only one post in a certain category, but I could see three when I went to the category page. Turns out two had reverted to private and, since I was logged in, I could see them (but they didn’t appear in the category count).

    Is there any way someone in this thread could bring this issue to the attention of someone involved in the 2.0 team (I don’t know who they are or I’d do it myself)? It appears to be an idiosyncratic conflict bet. the new version & FF 1.5. Since it never happened to me using 1.5.3 & FF 1.5, I can only assume something changed in the new version that doesn’t agree w. FF 1.5.

    I can post about this in the Firefox forum, but I don’t know how many members are familiar with WP blogs there. And so don’t know how much of a response I would generate.

    Are we sure that it never happens with other browsers?

    No, we’re not since no one in this thread has mentioned they use another browser. But it may be safe to say that since no one using another browser has posted about the same problem that the issue MAY be restricted to FF.

    I wonder if anyone reading this who uses IE or another browser regularly could pay attention to this issue & let us know if they see it happening to them.

    I’ve been getting this lately too, with Fx I don’t recall refreshing, but I have been using the back button a couple of times.

    Something to do with Fx’s memory of form information on pages in the back/forward chain, perhaps?

    I’m having this occur to, with the latest version to date, Firefox user. WordPress 2.0.4

    Could be shuffling posts from category to category, but it is also happening somewhat randomly.

    I get this bug from time to time as well, I use FireFox.

    Me too. :/

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 16 total)
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