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  • There 1000 of posts from around here that still need answers. It’s always frustrated to find a particular topic here but end up with nothing, 95% of the time. And..there are 10,000 of posts need more opinion and alternative methods.

    So, what is the purpose of closing them? Is it more beneficial for users to close topics? or is it more beneficial to…. who or what?

    I don’t expect answers every time but C’Mon! In the near future, I am sure all we will mostly find here will be only be questions. It’s got to be better than this right? this community?

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  • Topics are (normally) only closed for one of a few reasons –

    1. The topic reaches a certain age (I think it’s a year without reply)
    2. The topic has been satisfactorily concluded
    3. A moderator feels that the topic needs closing.

    For 1 & 2, no benefit would be gained by leaving the threads open. The vast number of new posts means that leaving very old, unreplied topics open risks people replying to them with irrelevant folow-ups (or, more commonly, spam). This happens a lot, and you guys don’t see a lot of it.

    For 3, it’s generally down to the opinion of a moderator or a number of moderators if a particular topic is no longer useful to remain open. In those cases, there is some element of opinion, but these closures are comparatively rare, and generally happen when some rule has been broken or looks about to be.

    Hope that helps.

    Hi, thanks for the answer. Good ones too. But clearly, many can see the outcome of this system, lots of unanswered questions. I have to say that I hardly ever find my answers here, what i find is closed opened question. May be my questions were too niche. Thanks though.

    Simply put, there are more people asking than answering.

    I’ve also found that, even if you answer a thread, 30% of more of posters never come back again to indicate whether they still had a problem.

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