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    Just updated to WordPress 3.5-beta2-22352. I just realized that in this version, the remote publishing function (under Settings -> Writing) has been removed. The net result is that those who use 3rd party apps live Windows Live Writer to post to WordPress can no longer do so. Can we please have that functionality added back on….

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  • [edited for clarity] The feature didn’t go away, it’s just on by default now. You can still disable it if you want to. I imagine before long, there will even be a plugin(s) for it.

    Then something is wrong in the 22352 beta. I have 2 sites that were on a previous beta and using Windows Live Writer for posting. After the latest update the site that is on beta 2 – 22352 can no longer connect via WLW. The other site which is on beta 1 can still connect via WLW to post.

    On the 22352 site I get a message that says Remote posting for the blog needs to be http://<hostname>/<wp_path>/xmlrpc.php . I have a couple of other blogs all on 3.4 and the 1 the on 3.5 beta 1 that dont have this issue.

    Any suggestions?

    More specifically here is the exact Windows Live Writer error. I set up a test site with 3.4 and was able to connect. I updated to beta 1 of 3.5 and was able to connect. I moved it to beta 2 – 22352 and lost my connection. In Windows Live Writer you get the following error

    something is wrong in the 22352 beta

    The word “Beta” does imply that possibility.

    Something to do with the atom publishing options checked in WLW maybe? It’s gone (atom protocol) in WP 3.5. I suppose various settings could have an impact on the performance. I guess I have no immediate suggestions other than rolling up the sleeves and performing a little Google-fu on the above error message. It isn’t the first time I’ve seen that message in relationship to WLW.

    I do have a suggestion. If you have the time to take a look – and it’s just speculation, mind you. Download the Beta 1 release and grab xmlrpc out of the package, then grab xmlrpc out of the newest beta release and run a diff on the two files.

    I took a quick look at them, and the only thing I saw was a funky carriage return message, however I think the actual file content is identical from beta 1 to beta 2-22352 in xmlrpc.php (this needs to be verified).

    If that’s true, you might just try replacing the xmlrpc.php in the current beta, with a copy of the one from beta 1, and see if the symptom changes. That’s just a flat out guess, mind you.

    I just tested remote publishing with WLW on 3.5 beta 2-22352.

    Using a fresh installation of the WLW client (on a machine it has never been installed on), I was able to connect and publish to WordPress 3.5 beta 2-22352 without error.

    I’m sorry to say I was not able to duplicate the described issue.

    Why in the world would people remove the option to enable/disable remote publishing from the options_writing.php screen?

    If the intent was to make Remote Publishing enabled by default, the check mark to enable XML-RPC on the original Remote Publishing option section should just have been implemented.

    Now people who want to secure their wordpress sites from remote publishing would have to install the disable-xmlrpc plugin???

    Please do NOT fix that which is not broken.

    I don’t understand most of this, but the bottom line is I cannot link Word to my web site for the purpose of downloading posts written in Word. When I attempted to correct the problem in WordPress, I am missing choices that are shown in Codex under Setting Writing Screen. I do not have “Size of Post Box” or “Remote Publishing.”

    As a consequence when I attempt to link via Microsoft Word, I get the error message “Word Cannot Register Your Account.”

    Any fix for this?



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    WordPress 3.5 is no longer in beta. If you have a problem wuith WordPress 3.5, please post in the troubleshooting forum.

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