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  • WordPress plugin repo lists this plugin as “closed,” with no further explanation. It appears to be compatible with the latest WordPress and it looks like the author was on these forums offering support less than two weeks ago.

    What happened?

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  • Wordfence automatically removed the plugin from one of my sites. I am guessing there is a serious security flaw. I really liked the plugin for its simplicity and the ability to work around that size limitation that many WordPress installations impose.

    Yes, what happened?

    We really do need to know about any security issues. I have this plugin on several websites.

    The Wordfence explanation is from their FAQ, and goes:

    Plugin has been removed from

    This means that a plugin is no longer available to install from Plugins can be removed from for a variety of reasons, including that the author intentionally stopped its development or converted it to a “paid only” plugin. A plugin can also be removed if it violates WordPress.orgs terms of service or if it contains vulnerabilities. If it contains vulnerabilities, it may be restored to the repository within a few days. As a general recommendation, unless you are familiar with the code in the plugin, we suggest that plugins that have been removed from the repository are removed from your site.

    Wait and see?

    I assume that the plugin author didn’t have the time anymore to fully support & maintain the plugin. That makes a lot more sense as he was already abandoning some of his other plugins over the years.

    I cannot believe currently that the plugin was removed for security reasons because the plugin author was and is a WordPress core contributor for many years already. So, he really knows his stuff! 🙂

    We shouldn’t always assume there were “security issues” if a plugin was removed. There are so MANY reasons for it. “Wordfence” is not doing a great job as they let panic users way too often.

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    I agree no one should be panicking yet, but bottom line, we don’t know why it was removed, and we need to. It’s been a couple days now with no response from the developer. Anyone know how to reach them?

    ETA: I DM’d the developer, Dion Hulse, over on WordPress Slack, so hopefully we’ll hear something soon as to what’s going on.

    daaamn… hoping to get some updates here?

    any alternative as long as it is not available?

    Plugin Author Dion hulse


    Core Developer

    Plugin was closed at my request as I got sick of the constant stream of complaints about it not working and reviews to that direction.

    If you had the plugin automatically removed from your site, please complain to whomever did that, as that’s a step too far.

    The plugin will be re-opened at a future time when I’ve had a chance to add the “THIS IS COMPLETELY UNSUPPORTED CODE FROM 8 YEARS AGO BUT STILL WORKS” warnings.

    (Edit: re-opened, i’ll update warnings later)

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    Thank you very much for this explanation. You plugin saved me on one project, and that would be a shame to remove it from the repository forever.
    I was warned by Wordfence your plugin had been removed from, but it was not removed from the website.

    Thanks for getting back to us, Dion. Sorry to hear you were getting all those complaints on a free product, I can understand that must get frustrating. That said, it’s always worked great for me! And I think this thread shows for plenty of others as well. So while people are unfortunately more inclined to reach out when they’re having problems, I just want you to know there are lots of us out here grateful for the work you’ve done as well. Thanks, man!



    I do agree with that. This plugin works well and it is useful. Not for many users maybe, but for a few people it has been a great help to make things work as expected!

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