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  • maybe someone on this forum could tell me why my post about flickr and its racist attitude was deleted by ‘ifelse’ since he has not answered my querry.

    Is discussion of racial intolerenace by the flickr company off limits on wordpress?

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  • Flickr being racists? o_O

    Anyway, probably because this is a WordPress support forum, not a place to bitch and moan about Flickr.

    interesting given so many people use flickr and develop plugins for it.
    they deleted my account without any explanation and has so far refused to give me a reason as to why it was deleted

    We do try not to get into the arguments of “racism”, politics, religion, etc. here. While you may have a legit complaint, this isn’t the forum for airing it. This is why you have a blog; please use it.

    has the world become one big ostritch farm?
    If this doesnt warrant discussion i dont know what does…quite sad if this is what to be expected from this community.

    I repeat: you have a blog, please use it. It’s your forum for issues. This is a forum for support issues with wordpress, not whether you think flickr or anyone else is racist.

    ok ostritch man. or should i say dad?

    *sigh* I’m probably more like your grandmother, age and gender wise. Hasn’t a thing to do with it…. now how can I phrase this so that even YOU might understand?

    WordPress-the-software is a venue for your angst against those whom you deem racist. help-me-I’m-stuck forum is NOT a venue for your private crusades.

    And now, this topic is locked.

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