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  • I am going to get flamed here and that is fine but I am going to voice my opinion on this one. The default template in WP sucks, this is something most heavy users and early adapters know. But replacing it with a version of Michael Hellerman’s Kubrick is a bigger mistake.
    I will admit that it is nice on the eyes but when I tried to load it on a brand new test install (Mingus) it had htaccess problems. Then to edit it to make it have a banner graphic etc I have to edit it with photoshop??? How many people can afford photoshop. Let’s say Matt converts it out to css, is he also going to take out the plugins or expect all brand new users to learn enough on their first day to learn how to turn it on. I think it is going to be so hard to edit that most people won’t meaning very bland pages that all look alike (are we trying to become MT), I know I don’t want it so how many files will I have to delete to get rid of it but I know it was a pain to get off my test install.
    I think there are a lot of people who have worked hard to have an easily editable templates for WP. One of the things I loved about WP over MT is that I did not have to be a rocket scientist to make my blog pretty. I love WP and generally like the development cycle we have been on, but I am not sure that going from a very bad template to a really complex one is the way to go.

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  • They are using Kubrick as the default for 1.3? I can’t believe it. What about the forum contributors who have worked so hard producing resources to explain the current index and css, were they consulted about how all their hard work was going to be wasted? Or told they were going to have a whole new set of issues to sort out?
    Default templates should be as simple as possible. Why? It encourages customization and makes it easier. It is easy enough for people to go and download Kubrick if that is the look they want, but including it in the distro makes things a whole lot harder for those who don’t. Please reconsider.

    *shakes head* Kubrick is a beautiful style but making it the default will only discourage innovation. What is wrong with Gemini?

    Let’s wait for the final product and see how yes?
    It won’t be easy incorporating kubrick and yet having the plain good old install that fits on all, that comes with WP.
    So let’s see what gets presented to us.

    whats wrong with current template? we just need a better looking css 😀 and i would prefer if the default comes without any graphics.

    The post on Michael’s blog doesn’t say that Kubrick is going to be the default template, just that a “variant” of Kubrick will be included with WP 1.3. Maybe 1.3 will ship with a few templates, one of which will be a variant of Kubrick.

    What is the current situation in CVS?

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    I asked more than once.
    I will not produce any guide for Kubrick.

    If the King of Siam was offended by a courtier, he would give him a rare white elephant. It was a great honor to receive a white elephant, however, the cost of maintaining it in an appropriate fashion generally bankrupted the recipient.
    Which is a roundabout way of saying I hope Michael is geared up for all the newbie support requests that will be heading his way 🙂

    Just curious. Why is a broken layout being considered for the default template?
    Here’s what I get in XP at 1024 (among other things):
    1) header and footer break in IE.
    2) 10px horizontal shift when navigation links are clicked in Moz, FF, and Opera.

    Just curious: forgot login. Again.

    Whoa! Relax, guys, and have some faith in the developers 😉
    I am sure that Matt, and the developers will always try to keep wordpress simple to use and customize and that everything will be in the best interest of the community. The best solution would be to incorporate the better parts of different solutions, and I guess that is what will happen, in the long run. Let’s just wait and see, yes? 🙂

    It looks to me as though Kubrick as we currently know it will not be going into WordPress 1.3. They seem to be forking it, in order to try and get rid of the current technical problems people are having.
    I’m curious, though; why would Kubrick-as-default “stifle innovation” any more or less than any of the current defaults?

    Perhaps more to the point, why would including, for example, Gemini or Trident as the default “encourage innovation” any more than Kubrick would? How does the default encourage innovation, other than by the fact that many people don’t seem satisfied by it? Does Kubrick discourage innovation simply by being good, and even if so, then what is the problem with that?

    When the current version of Kubrick requires a $1000 program called Photoshop to change what it looks like, that does stifle innovation. Also, have you looked at the bundle of files and stuff that comes with that thing, and it doesn’t even work. You would lose the ability to change the CSS to change the look of your index; therefore stifling innovation.

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