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  • I used feed burner a long time ago but long since it has outlived it’s usefulness (for me) and I just use native feeds now.
    So, why do folks use feedburner? What are the advantages?

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  • The main reason I put clients on Feedburner is the free RSS-to-email service they offer. When someone want readers to be able to subscribe to blog posts by email, its a free and easy way to set that up.

    It’s good because of email subscribing option and good statistics about readers.

    I don’t have much subscribers but I like their email subscription feature as well as we can get the list of all email subscribers easily.

    You have more control over your feeds. You can add multiple options plus you can also add adsense in feeds (earning you a bit!)

    We hope maybe feedburner help to pull traffic.

    It also allows for tracking how many subscribers and what articles are getting clicks. It connects your Twitter of choice to tweet all of your feed items as they are created. They also have what they call SmartFeed which “translates your feed on-the-fly”.

    i have not used feedburner yet but it seems many of its features can be accomplished via simple wordpress plugins. but it does offer a compelling collection of features and keeps adding more. i think there is a good reason so many people use it – but that does not mean it is right for everyone. i’ll update more once i try it out.

    I have use feedburner to minimize my server’s load about collecting the feeds. I use simplepie to build a feed for my whole feed (my site have more than 5 wp-installation), so feedburner help me a lot! ^^

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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