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    While has a very high upload file size limit (300mb), adding this plugin to your site will connect it to your dropbox account BUT it will utilize your hosting resources – and restrictions. So, if you are on a shared hosting plan (like I am) than you are stuck with whatever max file size limit they give you. Siteground is a ridiculous 24mb so no matter what trick I threw at it (php.ini, max_timeout, .htaccess, wp-config.php, wp-admin folder, etc., etc.), none of it worked.

    If you could modify your php.ini max file size upload settings, more power to you, but if your host won’t allow it, than this plugin (and any other for large file uploading) will NOT work for you because they are all HTTP (web) based. The only way around it is to have them send it to you via FTP software (no file size limit) or through their own method (yousendit, dropbox, google drive, etc).

    Hope this saves someone HOURS of research which I had to spend.

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    I can not speak about yousendit or google drive, But one service that I know does not require the entire file to be loaded into memory before transferring is SugarSync. I have built a plugin for their service also and the method they use is streaming.



    Hi there, I’m also having issues uploading large files. I’ve modified both my php.ini and wp-config.php files to allow me to upload 1000mb files (previously 64mb). I’ve tested this out by uploading a large media file from my WordPress dashboard, which worked fine.

    When I try and do the same from the simple upload form, it gets to 100% and the screen refreshes. There’s no message (which I added in settings) to say it’s uploaded correctly and there’s no message to say it has failed. No file is received in Dropbox. I’ve tested it with files up to 20mb and it works fine. Any ideas why it isn’t working and why I’m not getting any sort of message.

    Curiously, I also tried the Sugarsync plugin you mention and the exact same thing happens. The upload gets to 100%, the screen refreshes and then nothing. Again, smaller files are fine.

    If you want to have a look at the page on my site and give it a go, it’s

    The idea of the upload form is to allow large WAV files to be uploaded.

    Thanks for any help.

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