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  • Resolved hipposerve


    Why has this plugin been removed. It fixed a number of accessibility issues that I was having?

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  • Plugin Support Ronnie Burt


    Hi @hipposerve – there was a problem reported to about the name of the plugin. No worries though, it will continue to be maintained and available here: We will work to help support update notifications just like you are used to from the Github version as well soon, so that you can keep the plugin updated just like any other.

    Thank you for creating this plugin. It is the only reason we continued to use Divi (Such a pity Divi didn’t care enough to prioritize accessibility). I appreciate that you will be updating it.

    What a relief! Thank you for continuing to maintain it!

    great to read that you continue to support. It’s a great plugin, don’t understand why there is a problem with the name, anyway, thanks thanks thanks for your work !

    Wow. this sucks, was it like a copy-write “divi” thing? There are a ton of plugins that use “Divi” and “Accessibility” … such bs, sorry this happened.

    Anyway, thanks for the plugin, will use from Git.

    Can you re-submit with a different name?

    A proposal: if you use the name “Accessidivility” (or “Accessidibility”), would you violate any rule? Would they return you to the plugin repository?

    Many many thanks for your work.

    My question as well – new name to get it back into the plugin repository? I bookmarked the github page anyhow. Just nice to have the convenience of knowing when there’s an update directly inside WP, but not a biggie.

    @burtrw not having this available in a repository creates added work to keep the Divi Accessibility plugin updated across the sites I manage. I’d be willing to pay a yearly subscription for a developer’s license to receive automatic plugin updates inside of WordPress.

    Jean Werk


    Like @gazing_skyward, I’m happy to pay a small yearly fee for the convenience of automatic updates.

    I’m not seeing where I can download this on the git hub.

    Plugin Support Ronnie Burt


    Hi @marnatowne – click the green ‘Code’ button on the top right of

    Then download the .zip 🙂

    Thank YOU!!!



    Could you please explain how to update the plugin now? I can see where to download the files from github, but want to make sure I follow the best process after that without messing with existing settings etc. Thank you.

    Yes please, make it a premium plugin with auto updates.
    Accessibility is too important to skip!

    I’m totally willing to pay you guys for the hours you put in. Or better yet, I make my customers pay, as they have to oblige by law to certain a11y standards. It’s so time consuming to rebuild all this by myself in Divi.


Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 19 total)
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