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  • Well well well. I had high hopes for this upgrade, and mostly it has worked out wonderfully. One of the things I really liked, was the built-in Caption-functionality.

    That was, until I checked the blog in W3Cs validator.

    When inserting a [Caption]-thing, it somehow manages to place this in a <div> – which, for the most part is just fine, although when that <div> ends up inside a -tag… not so much.

    Let’s say I want to have a right-aligned image at the very beginning of my post, floated. I add the image, and preview the post – no problem. The <div> floats along as it’s supposed to do. What happens when I add text? Well, the <div> I already placed is now positioned inside the which is surrounding the complete first paragraph.

    I could probably mitigate this somehow, doing stuff manually, but that will be a hassle.

    Unless one can make the caption to reside in between either a of it’s own, or preferrably within a <span>-tag, it is mostly useless.

    The use of the alt-attribute as the caption isn’t very wise either – it should rather be a separate alt-attribute, and preferrably either a completely separate mark-up for the caption, or use of the title-attribute.

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