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  • I’m using my own host.

    Search bots crawl for keywords, which they get from the actual entry, and you can search for keywords on the blog search.

    Is there a reason for me to tag my blog entries?

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  • The main reason to use tags is it groups similar posts for visitors – i.e. when clicking on a tag a visitor gets a list of similar posts/topics.

    But that could also be done just by using the search blog feature. (maybe just not as accurate)

    Hmm.. Are there special spider crawlers out there that crawl by tags?

    i’m not trying to talk you into using tags – just pointing out it’s more convenient for visitors- and yes, spiders.

    Search engine spiders thrive on fresh website content. That includes all of the text, title tags, alt tags, CSS tags, and photo tags on your website. Every time you add new web pages, and updated content to your site, there is a reason for the spiders to return. Making even small changes to a file can result in a visit to your newly updated pages.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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