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    Hello Author

    Why did you switch the Content Security Policy from the free version to the Pro version?

    And the price for the Pro version increased from $12/year to $79 per year.

    Seem, the Shield Security free version is useless now and I think will remove it from all of my sites.

    That’s not good

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    Over time you remove features of the free version and increase the price of the pro version

    Plugin Author Paul


    We have actually never moved any free features to pro. Ever. This statement is completely unfounded.

    If anything we’ve gone the other way and moved pro features to the free version over time.

    The content security policy settings you’re referring to were actually completely removed from the plugin – both free and pro. The only CSP option we left in-place was a single setting where the user could implement completely custom CSP rules – this was always pro-only setting and was never available to the free version.

    We removed those Shield options that added certain limited CSP rules. The reason we did so is outlined, in-full, in our blog here:

    Also, regarding the price of PRO, I’m not sure why that’s an issue for you unless you’ve purchased a license with us – in which case your pricing wouldn’t have changed anyway. Why does our business model and product pricing matter, and why is our making adjustments to our pricing an issue for you? I’m genuinely curious. We appreciate all support our clients give us with their upgrades, but I’m not sure why our business model impacts you when you’re using the free version?

    If you want to understand why we changed our pricing, you can read about it here:

    It’s hard to run a business on $12/year.

    As to your comment about removing it from your sites, if you feel this is best, then you have to do what you have to do. Just bear in mind, that since you’ve started using Shield, it’s only ever gotten better, with more free options added, not moved to pro. As I said, we’ve never done that.

    All the best.

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    Because I am planning to use Pro version for some important websites and with the current price I can’t buy it.

    You do not keep your promise when increasing the price too much

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    For the CSP feature. It was really helpful and I set up for all of my websites. It’s easy and I even planning to create a tutorial for it to improve WP site security for everyone and now it got removed.

    Very disappointed of CSP removed and the price increased

    Hi just reading this and I thought I’d pitch in with my views. I run quite a few small low-income sites. I love the free version of this plugin and have it installed on them all. I’ve never once had a problem with hacks etc since I moved to Shield from Wordfence years ago (which really didn’t work well in my experience).

    However I was thinking of upgrading some of these websites. To be honest I’m a bit gutted I didn’t do it before the pricing change. I could easily have justified 12 and possibly up to 20 or so, but the current price per site is too much for me. However I recognise that mine is just one situation and there’s probably many site owners who will happily pay the premium for the excellent additional features.

    Still, the free version is excellent in its own right. I trust the devs when they say they won’t ever take away any of the exisiting features (based on their general transparent communication) and it’ll continue to be my default security installation of choice.

    Update: Just noticed I can get a single licence to cover all my sites for about £10 per site. That’s really pretty decent, I’ll be considering it.

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    Plugin Author Paul


    @ac1643 Thanks for reaching out and adding your opinion to this discussion. Please do feel free to reach out to us at the helpdesk as we may be able to help you out to get you started on ShieldPRO 🙂 Thanks again!

    I just have to shake my head left and right at users complaining on and on for a service or product that is provided to them for free, including basic support on these pages…as well enjoying constant (free) development and frequent updates.

    Fortunately if we (you) don’t like it, we (you) can move on to another product or service since evidently we (you) work for free and expect other to do so.

    Moving to the paying Pro version does provide great additional features for those who need it and a reactive technical support (and patience) second to none which I rarely found from other software developers.

    I use Shield Security since 2018. Moving to the paying version is well worth the cost of a couple of espresso coffees a month from my local restaurant.

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