Why Some Links Are Deleted As Spam [Question to Moderators] (4 posts)

  1. Mr. Vibe
    Posted 6 years ago #

    I saw about the license details when writing about a theme. OK, i got that.

    But when I write solutions for other problems and leave a link to more info or just a signature, this is moderated as spam link. I consider my self as an experimented theme and plugin developer and i offer most of my work for free on my sites and enter here to help others because I believe in "get some, give some..."
    My profile name is no longer link to my site as well.

    Do you want to scare away people like me and make them go away? People do not need our help or it is more easier for someone to copy and paste content from our websites without credits and offer them as solutions?

    We create content, we make sites like this big, don't you think it is fair to give a little space and give something in exchange?

    Please don't tell that without WordPress it would have been non of this...

    Thank You.

  2. MichaelH
    Posted 6 years ago #

    Well you've managed to go back and put spam links on a number of threads...

    We create content, we make sites like this big, don't you think it is fair to give a little space and give something in exchange?

    The forums are volunteer and there is no exchange...meaning you volunteer and no compensation, links, spam, or monies is given in exchange.

    Spam links will be removed.

  3. Mr. Vibe
    Posted 6 years ago #

    Oh God, you are so right, now I understand why my links have turned into [spam links removed]... We are just humble volunteers as you said and we must obey.

    It's just like if Automattic (the company behind WordPress for those who are not knowing) would do something volunteer for the Red Cross and they would say:

    This HELP was offered by Automattic

    and then the Red Cross would moderate it to something like:

    This HELP was offered by [spam links removed]

    What can I say? Makes perfect sens.
    I know you did not made up the rules and understood what you are trying to say.
    Don't be mad at me, but this made me laugh (have to admit, i was little angry about this).


  4. Mark / t31os

    Posted 6 years ago #

    If you let one user link to their site you have to let them all, else it's one rule for one, and another for everyone else.

    Site links can be added under the new profiles, if people wish to visit your site they only need visit your profile page.

    I like the fact that this community has a "no sig" rule... I usually use CSS to hide signatures elsewhere (prefer the extra content space on the 19inch screen). Although to me sigs are like statements on a t-shirt, you either think they're interesting/cool or you try to ignore them..

    I'm not totally against them though, on some sites i'd consider signatures almost an integral part of the forums functionality (not here though - unless they were limited to WP/Server info).

    Each to his own though... :)

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