• Why are you setting

    #wpcf-post-relationship table .textfield {
        width: 100px !important; }


    The field becomes so narrow that it’s impossible to read the titles in the “Post Relationship”.


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  • Plugin Support Beda


    I can not answer why, to be honest.
    I reported that issue a week ago to the Developers, and the code is very old and was written by someone that is not anymore working for Types.

    We will remove that asnd change it very soon, with the rewamp of the Many To Many relationship in Types that we are plannng.

    This will happen in the next and over-next release (it will be bulk-updates, not all in one batch)

    Until then there is nothing you can do unless hack the Types CSS file (since it’s using !important already you can not really overwrite it via Style Sheet in your theme)

    I apologize this problem, and I can grant that it is adressed in future versions.

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