• I’m running GTMetrix to analyze the performance of our website. With this plugin my performance score drops a whole letter grade (from an A to a B). In part the reason is that there are a lot of DNS lookups. 5 our of 9 DNS lookups are made by this plugin alone. Guys! What gives? Can’t you consolidate the DNS for all these assets?

    js.hs-analytics.net: 1 component, 73.5K (24.6K GZip)
    js.hsleadflows.net: 1 component, 364.3K (58.2K GZip)
    js.hs-scripts.com: 1 component, 1.0K (0.5K GZip)
    track.hubspot.com: 1 component, 0.04K
    forms.hubspot.com: 1 component, 3.3K (1.2K GZip)

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  • Plugin Support David Ly Khim


    Hi @noahjose, have you found that these DNS lookups have had a visibly negative effect on your website performance? We find that while those graders provide a lower performance score, the actual effect on performance is marginal.

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