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  • Hi Donncha.

    Love your Super Cache WP plugin. Thank you very much.

    May I please ask a dumb newbie question –
    If you say that your plugin servers up static pages from cache, then why does it not do what it says on the tin?

    For example, I use the LinkWithin service for related articles.

    When your plugin caches a page, the LinkWithing .js has done its job and has provided thumbnails and a post title for the relevant articles. Your plugin must have stored a static output HTML page image that includes these thumbnails and title text links.

    So, why do the supposedly static pages from cache that are subsequently served still require the LinkWithin .js to be executed all over again? With additional ms or even seconds of page load delay?


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  • The js (or the script tag with the src attribute) is in the cached html of the page. When the browser loads it, it retrieves/executes it.

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