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    I am designing a news site with WordPress. And I wanted my website to refresh automatically when everytime a new post is published (to keep the user updated).

    I have stumbled upon WP Live.php plugin today, as a solution. As far I have tested, it meets my needs. But at the panel and the plugin page I saw a warning:

    WARNING! You should never activate this plugin on a live server! It is meant for developer environment only!

    I want to use it in my website permanently. Is there any risk if I use it in production environment (live server)? …Given that I love it so much. 🙂


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  • Plugin Author mbence


    Hi Adnan360,

    thanks for the question, and I’m really glad, that you like this little tool! Eventually the live.php plugin will work in a production environment as well, but it could slow down the server depending on the visitor numbers. It works by opening an extra request after every page-load, which will start a monitor process, that checks the whole work path for changes. This is not a big deal if only one developer uses the site, but with hundreds of visitors, this means hundreds of extra requests and hundreds of separate and long running monitor processes: it would really make problems for the server.
    On the other hand, an unexpected refresh for a visitor, who is in the middle of an article, could also be annoying.
    I’m not sure how your site would look, but I would try to find a different solution. If you send me a message with the details, I can try to help with this.

    (PS: A nice review is always welcome! :))

    Oh! I see.

    Actually I have seen some news/blog sites automatically refresh after 15 minutes or so. (example1, example2) They do it because they’re posting news/breaking news, every now and then. It didn’t made sense to me. The page gets refreshed even when there are no new news posted. That’s a waste of bandwidth and a refreshing page is not good for reading.

    That’s why I wondered if I could make the page only refresh when there is new news, then it would make more sense. Because, let’s imagine, if the user asked, why did you refresh? Then my site could say, because I had an update.

    I guess now I’ll have to do it the conventional way, by adding:
    <meta http-equiv="refresh" content="900">
    in my <head> tag.

    Plugin Author mbence


    I just published a new plugin that will do exactly what you are looking for:
    It will check every minute for new stuff. Take a look!

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