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  • This Gutenberg thing seems to become a complete failure. Using wordpress with this editor is much harder than it was before with the old school editor.
    There are quite a few page builders out there some of them are free (Elementor, for example) so I think the smartest way to rebuild WP core editor would be to select one of the existing and working editors and make it default.

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  • Sorry, but I don’t get your point here: Your first argument is that “using wordpress with this editor is much harder than it was before with the old school editor”. Then you are suggesting to make one of the other page builders the default editor.

    Having worked on many websites for my clients and having used different editors like Elementor and WPBakery Page Builder I can say that none of these page builders is easier to use than Gutenberg.

    I mean _if_ you want to change the default editor to something more fancy, there are working solutions to do this.
    Funny you mention WPBakery Page Builder because Gutenberg is lightyears behind that. No way Gutenberg will ever get any close if WPBakery does not stop supporting their Page Builder. But that is a paid solution so it has to be better anyway. That is why I did mention Elementor which is free and still a lot more useful than this poor little buggy Gutenberg thing.

    It’s not the Gutenberg editor only (a complete misaimed project).

    It’s the philosophy behind the WordPress itself and behind the democracy / schedule / pressure of changes within the core.

    From hundreds of texts written already about it these two point out the most important things: [blogs redacted]

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    Totally agreed.
    If this thing keeps ruining wordpress there surely will soon be a replacement open source CMS system which will be simple but expandable by plugins – the way wordpress started to be successful.

    The problem is we’ve made in our company dozens of websites based on WP, some of them huge (hundreds of thousands entries, media, etc.) AND we’re on the edge right now: updating and developing / rebuilding those sites will be impossible. And the whole team agrees that IF WP will force Gutenberg we’ll have to switch to a different CMS or create an own one. Tons of wasted time and money.

    Nonetheless we’ve started searching for something else just in case.

    The funny thing is that the simplest solution lies in front of everyone: just keep Gutenberg as a plugin. Or split WP into 2 distros (like in linux world).

    Though I’m afraid that the politics ($$$?) standing behind all this won’t allow for that.

    This is called operational risk.
    You did depend on something you are not able to control.
    You should never not do that in critical projects.
    For small businesses WP is OK, but you should always remember it started as an open source blogging engine and evolved to be an extraordinaily popular CMS because of its simplicity.
    Using open source software usually means higher op.risk if you do not examine every single line of code by yourself (meaning create a protocol and review it regularly).
    Anyway it is sad to see this happening (parallel to brexit).

    Now we know it. πŸ˜‰

    We started several years ago as a tiny, garage company with little www/programming knowledge. Now we’ve got resources and guys able to do the switch, no problem here.

    We’ve just liked WP a lot and spent plenty of hours with it. Such stories just hurt…

    I hope this will not be the end of wordpress and it will be solved soon.
    This will be a huge pain for a lot of people out there and critical mass will surely do something about it.

    I really hope so.

    Thanks & cheers!

    Those articles were well written, detailed and precise critics about Gutenberg.
    This might hurt some people here.
    The truth can not be hidden anyway. Everyone can feel the problems.
    Gutenberg has more than double 1 star reviews compared to 5 star ones.
    This is simple and straight to the point – Gutenberg is not ready to roll out as core editor yet.

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    The links were removed in accordance with our Forum Guidelines which outline that external links are not allowed in reviews (they’ve been largely abused, and as such this is a guidelines we’ve enforced for as long as i can recall).

    I am going to ask that we keep things about the review in question, and not spiral too far away from it πŸ™‚

    As for your review it self, I think an important distinction here is that you are comparing the new editing experience with page builders. Gutenberg it self is a post editor, which makes for a different view of the concepts it addresses.

    You mention that using the new editing experience is harder, would you mind explaining a bit more about this experience? What aspects of it were hard to use? I’d like to know if it’s interactions that can be improved upon.

    I agree with that gentleman. Gutenberg in its current state is “like a box of candy.” You have no idea what you are going to get, and most of the time you get problems and more of my time being wasted.

    @ Marius L. J.

    Removing the links: I know the regulations, I’m here for years.
    And well… I’m lucky to lose just 2 links – people criticising Gutenberg are losing the whole comments and entries so…

    You mention that using the new editing experience is harder, would you mind explaining a bit more about this experience? What aspects of it were hard to use? I’d like to know if it’s interactions that can be improved upon.

    With all my respect, Sir, just make a tour through the reviews here.
    How many times do we have to explain this nonsense?

    For God sake, what is going on with and within WP?

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    Before this thread will be cut out like others with message (last few days):

    @phoros, Your comments have been archived for being un-constructive. One thing we ask when commenting on someone’s negative experience is to help them with that experience.

    One more time (maybe the last one):
    What’s on with You, Guys?…
    What has happened to the open community developement?
    WHEN did WP become a private playground? :/
    With all that censorship and agression?
    So dissapointed…

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