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  • I created a theme with a few custom post types. My site gained many natural backlinks in time. But all my posts have been getting indexed by google way to slow. Despite the lots of backlinks, any new post gets indexed in more than 24 hours. Yesterday, I posted a regular post and it got indexed in a few minutes. Today I made the similar test. I posted 2 CPT posts and 2 regular posts. Regular posts got already indexed while CPT posts not.

    Why do you think regular posts get indexed faster? Do regular posts have RSS feeds, do they get pinged while CPT not?

    BTW I already installed a sitemap plugin which has CPT support. But it doesn’t help either. Please share your thoughts. I can’t give up using CPT and taxonomies now.

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  • I trusted those people saying CPT is much better, then created a very big site, then spent lots of money to advertise it. And CPT posts get hardly indexed in 24 hours while regular posts get indexed in seconds. I tought those saying CPT is better could give me some ideas about this problem. It’s obvious that regular posts get indexed faster and rank higher than CPT posts and I’m trying to understand the reason. So that I wouldn’t have to switch to the regular posts ruining all the CPT structure, ruining existing SERPs, and wasting a week.

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