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  • I am bothered by why other great hosting providers like WHW1 are not included on the list of hosting providers. IMO, WHW1 provides better service and at a lower price than all the three hosing providers listed at WP site. Why not increase that list? Or more like, please increase that list. There is room to list more than just 3 providers. I can understand reason why a bias may exist. I can guess that some financial benefit exists, but still it would be better for all to see some list somewhere on WP site of more providers.

    I read the info on your hosting list. In response to what was stated there, I have a good amount of experience with the WP installs, and I assure you that WP installs work fine on many other providers too. For example, not only is the install of WP easy with just 1 single click of a checkbox at WHW1, but it runs flawlessly and has very fast performance.

    Isn’t it better for WP by having people to know they can get a full WordPress site installed and running immediately without having to spend a lot of money? If people know they can get a wordpress site for just $1 a month cost, and even less, then I see that as just encouragement to install more WP sites, and spread WP usage and demand for WP.

    I understand how your listing is supposedly focused an quality providers. I, as a WP user, like to save money, as I am sure others do too, while I am getting quality service. For example, while WHW1 provided WordPress for just $1 a month cost for more than half a decade, the other providers you listed charged nearly $10 and higher in some cases, and now that they have reduced their cost, I bet WHW1 will provide even a lower price.

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    Did you read the information on the sidebar on this page:

    This in particular:

    We also realize that we can’t highlight every good host, but if you have a favorite host you think we should feature here, email hosting dash application at this domain.

    Also the section below “Be Listed on this Page”

    Per forum policy, we close topics on the subject of hosting – they simply attract too much spam and are not directly related to using WP.

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