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  • I am the developer of Email Encoder Bundle and WP Mailto Links. Both plugins are made to protect email addresses on your site. I would like to combine those plugins within WP Mailto Links.

    I would like to know from you as a user, why do you prefer Email Encoder Bundle?
    Or, what are you missing from the WP Mailto plugin to start using it?

    Please let me know.


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  • I’m using Email Encoder Bundle because it matched my search when I wanted a plugin to encode email addresses. It would not occur to me to search for “mailto” when looking for this functionality. Now that I have it installed and working as advertised on multiple sites, I have no incentive to switch to another plugin, but if you choose to devote your efforts to only one plugin, and it’s WP Mailto, then I will probably switch.

    Same here. Using Email Encoder Bundle because it matched what I was searching for.

    Btw. tried to translate some strings of both plugins. 🙂

    The ability to encode phone numbers etc as well as email is what attracted me to use ‘Email Encoder Bundle’. Thanks for the plugin.

    Yes, no one is gonna search for “mailto links”.
    In general, “WP Mailto Links” is a very poor name choice because it’s completely non-descriptive i.e. that name doesn’t immediately convey what the plugin actually does.
    “Email Encoder Bundle” on the other hand is a pretty good name choice because it has the words “email encoder” right in the name of the plugin. That immediately tells the potential user: this plugin is encoding emails!
    Plus, people searching for an email encoder plugin will type in the phrase “email encoder” (as I did). Having the exact match phrase in the plugin name is always a very good idea.

    Just realized that the full plugin name is “Email Encoder Bundle – Protect Email Address”.
    Well, that’s even better! And you also have “email addresses” (plural) in the description.

    Long story short:
    “Email Encoder Bundle – Protect Email Address” is infinitely better (in terms of naming) than “WP Mailto Links – Manage Email Links” because that will attract a lot more people.

    Email encoder is a better name than WP mailto.
    If you want to focus on one code base, perhaps you should be migrating WP mailto to Email encoder. Is is possible to have the “same” code base with two different names?

    Also Email encoder has twice as many installs and reviews?
    Email encoder does what I need. Once found, I used it all over the place.

    I agree: the better name is Email Encoder.

    Also, I miss the shortcodes in WP Mailto Links.

    So, put the Mail Icons in the Encoder and keep just one Plugin.

    Thank you for this Plugin, works fine.

    1. @zielonek: I agree with everything you wrote.

    2. I use shortcodes and functions manually added in different places and theme files. Please let the new plugin supports backward these things!

    3. Please set the plug always add to the Settings menu

    Thank you very much for this plugin.

    Thank you all for the input. Very helpful!

    To some up:

    • Clearly it’s within the name and search results. Thanks for pointing that out.
    • A feature missing in WPML is the ability to encode other type of content (like phone numbers)
    • A feature missing in EEB is to add icons

    I understand what you are saying about using EEB as the future code base, but there are a few reasons why I would like to continue with WPML:

    • WPML was built more recently and therefore has a better code base. And, sorry to break the news, but it uses a better encryption method
    • To really improve EEB I would need to drop backwards compatibility, which will probably frustrate lots of users. Therefore I would rather keep EEB as is and users can switch to WPML when they are ready.

    @stdo: Thanks for translating. I think the plugins are not yet properly supporting translations (?).

    @zielniok + @lgustaw: WPML also has a shortcode and template function available.

    1. Using the shortcut WPML all the time, I thought that writing about 🙂
    2. Can you do it so that removing the plug “EEB” and install “WP Mailto Links” will be supported shortcodes and functions used with EEB, that there was no need to waste time re-modification sites where they are used?

    I tried WP Mailto Links but it doesn’t work (on WP 4.6.1 with “Dazzling” theme). Specifically, if I disable javascript in my browser (using Web Developer plugin in Chrome) I can see email links in plaintext.

    Email Encoder Bundle on the other hand works brilliantly, including Text Widgets and with a minimum of fuss. Thanks!

    It is possible to exclude particular pages/posts from protection. I found that particularly handy (need to easily exlude pages/posts that contain forms).

    I just installed this plugin because it can cloak emails AND other text (phone numbers). This is fantastic since then, I won’t be responsible for more robocalls to my users. If you keep the shortcodes the same, it will be easy to switch.

    Thank you for a great plugin!!!

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