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    I am using WordPress 3.9.2 running Twenty Fourteen theme.
    In prior versions when I wrote a post I marked it as Gallery and in the front page of the blog shows only few lines and a Read More…
    Now it shows the full article, even marked as Gallery and also in Settings, Reading is For each article in a feed, show Summary.
    How do I get my posts to show only few lines?
    My site with this problem is
    Thanks for your help.

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  • are you using the ‘more tag’ in your post(s)?

    the code of content-gallery.php (which is used to show the post with post-forma gallery) has the_content() which will show the full content unless you use the ‘more tag’.

    the Settings are only for RSS feeds.

    you will need to edit content-gallery.php in a child theme to change the_content() to the_excerpt() to have automatic short parts of the post wit a read-more.

    Thank you very much, alchymyth
    I did the change in the content-gallery.php and now is working exactly as is supposed to be… just show a few lines and has the […] meaning there is more to read in the page of the whole post.
    My only doubt is that there is no botton saying “Read More” with the link to the full page of the post…
    Is there a way to get that link at the end of the excerpt?
    (for those who do not know that they have to click on the title to read more)

    there is no botton saying “Read More”

    please review and apply:

    about your question, alchymyth
    “are you using the ‘more tag’ in your post(s)?”
    honestly I do not know what you mean by that…
    I checked the whole post edit and in nowhere found something like that…
    whould you be so kind to clearify that?

    Thanks a lot for your quick response, alchymyth
    I got it just as I wanted.
    Congratulations for your great assistance.
    That page you send me is full of very useful info. I needed it.

    Very interesting, alchymyth
    Now I am very clear in how and when to use the Read More features.
    Thank you very much for all your help.

    But the problem did not ended there…
    Now the home page shows a few lines and the Read More link but…
    When I click on the Read More, opens the page of the Post, with the only problem that there ALSO there is few lines and a Read More link that leads to the same page.
    In other words, I can not read the whole article.
    Please check it in where is sopoused to show the whole article
    Thanks for your help

    This other blog, where I did the same changes as to place the Read More link, it has the same problem…
    it shows the Read More link but also does that in the full page, not only in the home page, so is not possible to read the whole article.
    Thanks for your help

    my mistake – I forgot to consider that the content-gallery.php is also used for the single post.

    in content-gallery.php, change the edited code;



    if( is_single() ) { the_content(); }
    else { the_excerpt(); }

    Now work fine.
    Thank you very much.

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