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  • WordPress 5.0.3

    I’ve tried googling this, but the combination of keywords doesn’t produce desired results.

    I have a blog where several authors post blog entries. No big deal.

    But for whatever reason, ONE AUTHOR’S posts no longer show. I just get a blank white screen. No PHP errors (some warnings and notices, but no errors).

    I tried comparing what could be different between this author’s record, posts, categories, tags, anything that would be different from other authors/posts, but have turned up nothing.

    Is there anything online discussing this problem? Any tips on where to look?

    Even if it was the theme or a random plugin, why would only one author be affected?

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  • My first thoughts are either upgrade to 5.1.1 or revert backwards to 4.9.9 (might be 4.9.10 now).

    I’m wondering if that won’t fix the problem or else that one author may have some kind of character being inserted that chokes something in his posts output.

    If you revert backwards then you’ll wind up running the older editor. The 5.1.1 WordPress has some good fixes for some oddities with the block editor (Gutenberg) and some security and functional enhancements.

    You might wait two weeks or so for the 5.2 release to happen. In the meantime, you might edit that author’s posts yourself to see if that cures the problem. Look real hard at the underlying output if you can… look for some odd formatting or an odd character possibly.

    I’m grasping at straws but you sound like you have a good grip on some of the intricacies of this stuff.

    There’s probably a slight chance that PHP package might be causing some issue but I’d think that would affect everyone or really mess up other parts, too. One author having an issue makes me suspect something on his end and maybe some possible oddness interacting with that in your install.

    Let us know if you find anything else.

    Yeah, except for trying to revert back to WP4.*, I’ve looked into the rest.

    It’s some problem with the ancient theme being used (everything works with a stock theme), but I can’t for the life of me narrow down why it’s only affecting one author.

    I just need to isolate what could be different about this author/his posts.

    I’ve tried changing the author one of his posts to another, but that didn’t help. (So it seems initial authorship caused this.)

    I’ve tried cutting all the text out of the post and THAT didn’t help. (So it seems it’s not some shortcode or something pasted into the body that’s caused this.)

    There just has to be something different about this author or his posts that I can’t figure out yet.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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