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  • Why on earth have you messed up the widgets so badly by making the interface so awkward — and just about eliminating the ability to move widgets between sidebars?

    This is totally stupid, to be blunt about it.

    There are some nice, clean features in 2.5 that I appreciate. It seems to load posts and work faster. It seems to publish faster.

    But the way you have done it now, there’s no easy, practical way to move a widget from sidebar 1 to sidebar 2, etc., is there??

    Please, I’m begging you, find a way to restore this capability — or if it’s there, make it apparent.

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  • You can still move a widget from one sidebar to another, it’s just now a far more tedious process. You must click “edit” on the widget then click “remove,” then click “save changes.” Then use the drop down box to switch to another sidebar. Then locate the widget on the left-hand side and click “add,” then click “save changes.”

    Yeah… not quite as simple as just “drag and drop” unfortunately. Hopefully this is changed. You should direct these complaints and any further comments to this thread:

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