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  • Doesn’t have any effect on my BuddyPress sites. Just ignores it.

    Tried it on my WP only sites and it works, but I would never use it.

    Why do people always want to change things that work? Meetup did it with their platform and the repercussions are still bouncing about nearly 12 months later.

    Gutenberg is an abomination that should be an option only. Such a massive shift in how things operate, if made mandatory, is going to drive people away from WordPress – not to it.

    Webmasters want simple, logical access to raw data. They don’t want a page builder to hold their hand and tell them what they can and cannot do.

    I don’t have much hair left as it is, and I don’t want to pull any more out.

    Since you can only have one review, I have to edit this one. I run a website that is a Meetup alternative. The main complaint I get is that WP is “clunky” to drive.

    If they have to deal with this editor, it will be the last straw and I will lose them.

    I have invested 18 months of work and hundreds of dollars in VPS server fees and paid plugins. All that will have been wasted for no valid reason.

    Sure, make it an option, but for heaven’s sake don’t make it the only one. You are going to lose a lot of loyal followers if you go down that road!

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  • Plugin Author Tammie Lister


    @sandgroper thanks for testing and really putting it through it’s paces with BuddyPress. Right now there are no changes between Gutenberg and BuddyPress but that totally is a potential avenue in the future.

    Can I dig a little more into your valueable feedback on WP? When people say clunky what do you think they mean?

    Thread Starter Graham


    Hi Tammie,

    I think it is more a side effect of trying to tie together all the features needed for a Meetup type site.

    It’s not so much WP itself that they find “clunky”, but trying to figure out where to go to do something. Is it under Events, Groups, Members, Locations? Is it under My Profile or the Group’s profile, etc, etc.

    While I try to make things as seamless as possible, it is overwhelming at first for group admins. For someone used to Meetup, the freedom they have is scary and all a bit too much.

    Those who take the time to follow the tutorials I’ve made, find it easy enough once they get used to it. But many give up too early.

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