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  • xphilx



    Google hates me. I don’t know why, but it is only indexing my main blog-page.
    I can type anything from my blog into google and google will find my site, great! but why isn’t it pointing to the PermaLinks???

    Instead of

    I only get

    I’ve read lots of questions like this one and the answer was most time that google needs some time to recognize. But it even indexes the newest pages with the same URL to mainpage.

    I’ve setup a Google-Sitemap-Account but nothing seems to work.

    Please help, I’m really not into blogging to spread my main-webpage … booh

    regards from berlin


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  • JcMax200


    it would be nice if we knew what your website was. Maybe we could figure out the problem from there.



    Use the google sitemap plugin. If not, wait at least 2-4 weeks for google to see your newer stuff, especially if its not heavily linked.



    Depending on what the problem is (or isn’t), you could wait forever for Google to index your site, or use the plugin and get “nada para la eternidad”. Without a site link, it is hard to tell. Make sure your robots.txt is not improperly set and/or your index page does not have an “index, no follow” meta tag in the header.



    Nice to ask and having already the first answers within hours 🙂
    You’re right, you should maybe take a look at the “problem”:

    My Website is at

    You will be redirected to

    If you google for a certain posting, like the newest one:

    You’ll see that Google points to the main page. I’ve the Sitemap-Plugin installed.

    regards from berlin




    Well, there’s your number one problem – Google hates redirects.

    Second, your main page is only ranked at a PR of 3. I know that PR isn’t everything, but Page Ranks below 4 get spidered less often and don’t have much weight in their links to other pages. So, the link from your PR 3 homepage to a permalink page isn’t valued much by Google. The magic number for the most part is 4. When your main page gets there, you’re permalinks will fare much better.

    Of course, another thing to keep in mind is that any links to your homepage are not going to be counted as links to your blog page, so you need to work on making sure anyone that links to you links to the full URL including the /blog/ to maximize your results.

    Last, the Google cache shows your site as of July 12th or thereabouts. Any posts more recent than that aren’t indexed yet. Again, though PR isn’t everything, higher PR means more frequent indexing with frequently updated PR 5 sites getting indexed almost daily.



    Ok, so it would be best to make he page available at and have a redirect from to the main page.

    Is it true, that a short URL, ex. Permalink without …/blog/archives/… will work better with Google?

    So there nothing wrong with my wordpress setup, its more a pagerank problem?

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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