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  • Ok, so you have now launched a new version of Ultimate TinyMCE now calling it WP edit. Your pricing for this paid version sorry but way of Josh
    (I think you will find many feel this!) and new people coming in will be totally put off. Ultimately and you will suffer personally Josh as a back lash and that kind of price you want! More on pricing below in a moment.

    clarification needed for doing line height is this free or no longer available and only in pro?
    On Ultimate TinyMCE we would alter any line height for text maybe headers where almost words touched each other by using the css option and choosing the option ‘line height normal’…so is this available in WP edit free version?

    Line Break feature come on Josh give us all a Break… pardon the pun! In your wisdom NOW charging for this specific feature?!! SPLUTTER….your kidding?
    Just to do a line break now that is not going to be in your free version of WP edit….that is basic stuff an unfair I feel.

    Yes I understand charges by developers, time and everything have to be made for special features aka your plug special things it does please bare in mind some though are really basic that were free and now you want to charge please reconsider basic over neat special things your plug wp edit does and distinction. As right now I feel you are clouded and are charging for standard pretty basic things that you have NOW moved into paid for version only!

    ***just my two cents observation here: Many developers who offer free plugins had to make time and effort with new 3.9 wp version though… and still did it bless them – just saying !

    So on pricing – crazy how you arrived at this sorry!
    We have several sites and firstly I really think your pricing is way too high on pro for one site use. maybe 17 bucks but 35 bucks… And I spat my coffee out geeez off the scale way, way to high for multiple wow oh my gosh! no way can we do that so two sites or more $130 odd dollars are you kidding! say $35 to $40 and that should be various levels of extreme customization hence pricing pro rate options (something to think about Josh?) as some folk have no need and even use many things we would’nt…

    total deal breaker for us and no doubt countless people…. can’t justify multiple pricing fee for what we are using your plug to do and only basic stuff.
    And is no longer free and we have to pay to do that i.e. the two things we use your plug for mainly using line breaks (WP stips out line breaks sometimes and pain – though once I upgrade to 3.9 maybe it is cured)
    and change word text height (which we can do by adding CSS height number to our theme style sheet anyway and will do I think…

    I will be curious with your comments and feedback Josh and anyone!?

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  • so you have now launched a new version of Ultimate TinyMCE now calling it WP edit

    Did you read

    And why didn’t you try to contact the plugin’s author about this by posting a topic in the plugin’s dedicated sub-forum?

    Try reviewing:

    Reviews that are not well founded in even a little bit of pre-review research just reduce the effectiveness of the review system for us all. 🙁

    Esmi – With respect my feedback is very similar like most folk right now doing the same here the last week or so etc ! So we are all wrong?

    I read that yes, I appreciate what he said and feel still wanted to say what I said here hence ddd so ….I am happy to remove this post here. BUT where do put it in an open forum so Josh can respond then and others see this for their comments if not here?

    How do I delete it I can see edit I stripped it out and it said sorry old post once pressed post

    Sorry – delete what?

    this post here you asked me not to do and post it in the other link?

    The rating you have left on this plugin cannot be deleted. So it would be best to wait for the plugin developer to respond to your support topic and them amend the star rating if you see fit,

    oh ok I will see if I can edit most things off in the meantime….sorry was not sure how we arrived at wrong section to post what I mentioned which is my feedback to many tabs open!

    You can always add a rider to this review topic if the discussion in the support topic changes your opinion of the plugin. We do understand that people do sometimes get confused or even change their minds at a later date. 🙂

    Ok will do and see what happens with feedback…sorry for confusion posting it here!

    Plugin Author Josh


    Okay, I really don’t think there is much more I can explain here that has not already been covered in the articles I wrote (esmi’s links above).

    This plugin is not Ultimate Tinymce. Ultimate Tinymce died with WordPress 3.8.3 and TinyMCE3. This plugin should not be compared with what Ultimate Tinymce used to do. It uses a completely different framework.. and broke 90% of the addons used in Ultimate Tinymce. This is the primary reason I had to code a completely different plugin; WP Edit.

    I’m sorry you don’t agree with my pricing. I’m sorry the updates to WordPress and TinyMCE completely changed the code framework; busting those (free) addons everyone became so dependent on using. I’m working hard to get all these addons re-coded.. but it takes time.

    Regarding my pricing; here is a little insight:

    1. I have bills to pay; just like everyone else.
    2. I need money, to pay these bills.
    3. The free version of Ultimate Tinymce received a total of $384 over the course of two and a half years (Thank you all who donated.. I LOVE YOU!).

    Now, Ultimate Tinymce required countless hours of work; over 50 updates over a two year period; the support requests, the new feature requests, etc… became overwhelming. Yet, I stayed right with it. And with over two million downloads.. that was not easy.

    I don’t want to turn this into a numbers game.. but as you can see, it’s difficult to maintain a free plugin; in regards to the very little return received. I simply can’t afford, with two children, to work for that kind of money. I’m sorry.

    Regarding your question… yes, the functionality to control line height is available only in WP Edit Pro. However, if you care to contact me personally, I’ll write you a function which you can use in the form of a plugin; to add the linebreak back to your site.

    I won’t expect any compensation for this.. and I won’t ask you to adjust your rating. I’ll do it simply because I’m a nice guy; and I know the transition to WordPress 3.9 and TinyMCE4 has been difficult on everyone involved.

    Thanks Josh for getting back to me have replied over in the support thread for WP edit as suggested ESMI at:


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