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  • The lack of a visual editor is a huge deficit. Of course, I’ve googled til my eyes bled and found many vague claims that there is one and it can enable in settings or on one’s profile but these alleged options are nonexistent as far as I can see.

    I read references to tinymce but can’t find it anywhere in my dashboard.

    Please integrate an easily accessible visual editor or show me how to turn the one I have on; if I have one, it is invisible.

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  • I don’t have that tab. There are no tabs at all, only the toolbar of code buttons.

    Go to your user profile on your site: /wp-admin/profile.php

    Make sure ‘Disable Visual editor’ isn’t checked (it’s the very topmost option).

    I already made sure it was not checked. thanks

    Then you have a theme and/or plugin conflict. Try turning off all your plugins and switching to the 2011 theme.

    Deactivated all plugins, switched to 2011, checked, again, setting>general, >writing, >reading, and user profile.

    Still no visual editor tab.

    Thanks for trying.

    I found this in my help menu so I know I am supposed to have a visual editor.

    “Post editor – Enter the text for your post. There are two modes of editing: Visual and HTML. Choose the mode by clicking on the appropriate tab. Visual mode gives you a WYSIWYG editor. Click the last icon in the row to get a second row of controls. The HTML mode allows you to enter raw HTML along with your post text. You can insert media files by clicking the icons above the post editor and following the directions. You can go to the distraction-free writing screen via the Fullscreen icon in Visual mode (second to last in the top row) or the Fullscreen button in HTML mode (last in the row). Once there, you can make buttons visible by hovering over the top area. Exit Fullscreen back to the regular post editor.”

    THIS TOTALLY MAKES ME MISS–AND APPRECIATE MORE–WORDPRESS.COM. That visual editor is always there and obedient. Wonder if bluehost will refund me for wasted hosting.

    forgot to say i also cleared cache and relaunched chrome. in case you’re a chromophobe, yes, i did try in firefox too, to no avail.

    Have I done everything? I’ve spent hours on this all afternoon and gotten nowhere. I feel like a hamster.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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