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  • why not a version with all the cool plugins we see pretty standard in most sites already turned on 🙂

    I would like to know if anyone has a version with lots of plugins already installed so people like me who have issues finding where to add all the code needed to get these bad boys to work

    just an idea (see I’m not very lazy i try to install them i just fail often)

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  • Which among the (somewhere now in the neighborhood of 500) plugins are the cools ones?

    Everyone has a different “cool.”

    This sounds like a flippant response, but it’s true. But more importantly, did you know that some of these plugins work by simply clicking activate while others require several steps.

    My favorite “can’t live without” plugins require placement of tags within the template files that I need to set parameters for to get the output I want, and I need to place them where I want them to show up. Where would you like some of these to show up? In the sidebar, header, footer, or only when viewing a single page or only on the front page or in the archives or categories?

    Some of the plugins that require tags to be placed within the template files will crash the site if the plugin is deactivated. I have a bunch of notes to remind me to activate them after upgrading and making other more sophisticated changes to my site, which is a lot to remember.

    Plugin technology for WordPress is still evolving, like the software, and they are becoming easier and easier to install as authors get more educated and aggressive about making their installation easier. But some still require the user to “do” something to make the plugin work where and how they want it to work.

    I think adding plugins to themes is a neat idea, but only if it doesn’t make the user’s life more miserable than it would if they were to pick and choose from among the hundreds of neat stuff that is out there. If I like a theme and it comes with the weather icon plugin, I’ll have to figure out how to uninstall that since that is information I don’t want on my site.

    It’s a tough choice, but a good question. Someday it will be easier to say “turn on this plugin, place the tag in the footer so it shows up on the right below the Apple Category link and next to the Orange Icon and make it visible only when viewing category pages”, but we’re not there yet.

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    Why not a version with all the cool plugins we see pretty standard in most sites already turned on?

    I’ll have to agree with Marc when he said, “Everyone has a different ‘cool’.” Most of the plugins available are very specialized, and even though they seem to be “standard” on most sites, not everyone will want to use them. For example, consider the anti-spam plugin posts that came up recently. Some use the default tools, some swear by Spam Karma, some swear that Spam Karma has been sent from the devil, and some use no spam protection at all, etc. Here are just a few:

    As you can see, almost everyone has a different anti-spam measure. It’s just the same with plugins.

    i’m not worried about spam so thats not a plugin i worry about..

    more important i see your points

    its the plugins that i need to enter code for that kill me

    i just hate asking for help very 10 minutes i guess i’m just going to either be the first to offer or shut my mouth

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    “i just hate asking for help very 10 minutes”

    That’s why we are here 🙂
    And remember, for every answer given, many people will read and learn from it.

    I can see something like this making sense as part of a hosted service. It would offer WordPress with some of the most popular plugins. I’m not familiar enough with enough of the WP-based hosted services to know to what extent anyone is already doing this.
    The relationship between such a service and WP would be similar to the relationship between MT and TypePad. So I checked to see if the PressPad domains are available. is taken, and is a hosted blogging service, but it doesn’t look much like WP. and .net are available, though.

    well i have the bandwidths and the space to host but a limit on domains to handle and a limit to code know how

    i would be happy to start an account and host for free or cost (i doubt it will cost me anything) but I’d want to work with someone on maintenance the code since I’d hate to host people and loose everything from a retarded mistake

    my yahoo is janeQnormal why not someone contact me about it
    my icq is 147281

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