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  • hi everybody,
    I have a WordPress website, and I am just wondering why it gets hacked frequently by different punks!
    I have done quite everything to protect it, I have went through all suggestions in and other articles! done stuff like choosing strong password, or securing .htaccess or checking extensions or installing WP security plugins and many other things but still get hacked!
    And it is so interesting that I just get hacket by ARABIC hackers, why?

    Also I should mention that, my WHMCS account also keeps getting hacked, it is like one every week.

    Is it possible it is from my webhosting site, I have notified them but they have told me that everything is all right from their side? should I move my webhosting????

    what else do you recommend?
    thanks in advance

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  • It sounds like somewhere on your server is a file that keeps making you vulnerable. Did you do a clean wordpress/database install for all of your sites? (I usually just export posts and then do fresh install with new database and reimport if a hack was severe). Do you have the timthumb or similiar script on any of your sites in a theme or plugin? A lot of files you may not suspect might be altered, either in themes/plugins and I’ve found that if you have multiple sites on the same server sometimes the one that is “infected” is not the one that appears hacked.

    I had this problem of repeat hacks with one of my hosts, I couldn’t even access ftp after resetting passwords/deleting entire server/setting up all new databases. I finally just moved all the sites to a different, more expensive, more security focused webhost – it sucked and I never figured out the cause of it, but it solved my problem the easiest.

    I have just finished scanning and recovering and all stuff! I am moving to a more reliable hosting now, thanks anyway

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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