Why my Username and all registered user become admin (4 posts)

  1. yans_fied
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Wow, it's strange, i can't log in to my admin panel this morning, so i reset my password and get logged in.

    But I notice that my username was changed into "admin", then, I check in "All Users" page and all of registered user's username become "admin" too. is that strange?

  2. bill2jacobs
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Yes, its strange and your site may be hacked. Check your site url on sucuri.net

  3. yans_fied
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I've scanned with sucuri.net, it's clean and no threats found, for security I use cloudflare.

  4. gdeschep
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Hi, since several days I'm experiencing the same issue.

    Earlier this week I couldn't login anymore to the site and apparently this was caused by the fact that all usernames were reset to "admin" and also all passwords were changed.

    I fixed it by manually updating the database with the correct information, but now, 2 days later, the same thing happened.

    I have several security related plugins enabled on my site (Bulletproof security, Better WP Security, Block Bad Queries, Antivirus, Semisecure Login Reimagined) and none of them detected/reported any suspicious activity.

    Also Sucuri.net sitecheck says the site is clean.

    And I can't find any suspicious activity in the apache access logs and I can't find any suspicious files on the filesystem either.

    Were you able to solve this issue, yans_fied ?

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