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  • Month sago I posted a legitimate question that got removed, and early this morning I posted a message regarding WordPress inserts annoying closing tag when it detects span tags (I suspect it’s a combination of a div which wraps the span class), and it gets removed again! I am pretty sure this isn’t caused by the Syndication plugin I used, but a very annoying WordPress acts small-xxx bug that it dictate how I should code my markup, I have experienced similar situation like this whenever I bring in a code from other site (such as Paypal button), in each incident, the original markup is fine.
    This is the screenshot I made that clearly shows WordPress injected a closing p tag when it shouldn’t.

    Are you guys not allowing people post legitimate feedback that shows WordPress’s shortcoming????? If this is not the right forum, at least you can inform me to post my feedback to an appropriate forum before you delete it.

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  • Sorry, my apology! I just noticed it hass moved to How-To and Troubleshooting. I don’t post often therefore couldn’t figure how WordPress forum works. Usually when a post get moved to an appropriate forum, I get a notification via email, apparently this is not how WordPress forum functions, this causes agony and misunderstanding.

    However I do not agreed that that post of mine belong to “How-To and Troubleshooting”, it’s WordPress’ doing – a closing tag wouldn’t pop up from nowhere if it isn’t a bug from the core code. WYSIWYG editor injects redundant markup tags, but in this instance, it absolutely has nothing to do with TinyMCE.



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    Various posts get moved around. If you click on your own profile link you can see all the links to your posts. Unfortunately the software does not allow us to send notifications of thread moves.

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