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  • Hi, bought the Pro Version, and so far it’s working nicely. Why must I have an MP3 AND OGG in order for the song to play? I’m asking because many times on our site we simply use the mp3 link from that artists site. This allows us to not have to download them, then re-upload to our site. By having to have an OGG version as well, it forces us to do this AND convert every mp3 file to OGG. Any way around this? Thanks!

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  • Just a follow up..I understand the reason behind having both versions, but it would be great to not be REQUIRED to have both versions.

    Plugin Author Maeve Lander


    Yeah it’s there in order to make the player work on all browsers and devices, which is a big point of difference for this plugin…

    I imagine that making the ogg field optional would lead to lots of support tpoics like ‘its not working in browser x’….

    Out of curiosity, which browsers can’t play mp3’s? And I totally understand, but it’s easy enough to just let people know in the field that it may not work on all browsers if you don’t include ogg.

    Seriously, I bet you’d sell a lot more of these players if you made it optional.

    I had to research what the %*#$&$ an OGG file was after I saw it was required. This extra step is a real hassle, however, I did try some other plugins that did not work on every browser, so I will give this a try. If there is a way to have it not be required, with the understanding that if a person does not use OGG it might not play on all browsers, I think it would be the best of both options.

    Why is cover art required though? Some of my audio files are not from CDs, there is no cover art.

    Plugin Author Maeve Lander


    OGG is used by Opera and Mozilla and was recommended for supporting playback around the time that HTML5 rose in popularity, which was the time I created this plugin. The idea of OGG is to create a baseline open standard format that all browsers can cope with, thus removing the necessity for all sorts of codecs and proprietary formats. In theory… a great idea…

    The ogg/mp3 requirement is a core aspect of this player/plugin and would take a lot of work for me to re-build the plugin so that it was not used, or was optional, so until there’s a consensus on a better option or another standard for HTML5 Audio format for web, I’m inclined to leave it in there.

    Please Google the issue if you’re interested in reading more or weighing in on the debate.

    Cover art is not a required field

    For people who find the OGG thing a hassle just use this free converter. > Works like a charm.

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