• I recently migrated a site that uses Ninja form. A couple weeks has gone by since migration, and we were alerted by visitors that the form page showed maintenance message with no form to be found. Who knows how many people not able to contact us since the form was not available. A search in support forum shows that I need to go into settings area (having to week through a bunch of other settings to find the all important button) to disable the maintenance mode. Neat trick no one would have found out on their own.

    WHY this feature? I’ve used many form plugins and this one has an odd feature which somehow turns on by itself leaving site admin scratching their head what the heck has happened to the form. The 2 stars are of bad user experience with negative effects. The rest is working well.

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  • Plugin Contributor Justin McElhaney


    The maintenance mode was part of a Ninja Forms database upgrade that was needed in a version. Once this upgrade is run a setting is added to the database so the maintenance mode is disabled. It sounds like you did not transfer over the database setting that marks the Maintenance mode as complete was not transferred.
    You can also disable the Maintenance mode through Ninja Forms > Settings

    Thanks for the response, Justin.

    Sounds like this maintenance mode feature is more for internal use. Probably this setting somehow was not transferred over in migration process. Maybe it should be handled automatically by updating script and not be a setting that most users are not even aware of or have the need for?

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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