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  • It’s time for me to stop with this Yoast SEO plugin which brings me absolutely nothing in the free and paid version! I had these two versions on 3 commercial sites and for 2 years the referencing has become catastrophic, even if the referencing is very well presented (a job for nothing with this plugin).
    Since June 2021, Google no longer processes information, since all datacenters are full, Google no longer crawls sites.

    Google has discovered a new business with its natural referencing which is no longer quite natural (a time which is not given by Google)…

    To boost the SEO of your site, you have to go through a Google certified partner and unfortunately Yoast SEO is not a Google partner! So ultimately, we only pay for advice that we can get for free on the net. Otherwise, wait a whole year with a good basic SEO.

    Yoast SEO and its AI has no text building logic. It tells you that in your text, you must write a minimum of 300 words in your text! If I sell a pair of socks or even a pen… I find them where the 300 words? It is impossible to put 300 words, so in the end you are penalized by Yoast SEO for your SEO.

    For me, I made the choice to put two sites on Shopify to try, because fed up with WordPress and its plugins which, “anyone puts anything”, it’s a carnival on WordPress!. Today, I no longer have SEO problems on Shopify, nor problems with updates and other bullshit… I have regained my freedom and I work as accurately as possible.

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    Hi @leuviah,

    Thanks for your review.

    We’re sorry to hear you’ve stopped using Yoast SEO on your websites. If you’re experiencing any problems with our plugin and have an active subscription, we’d recommend you reach out to our premium support via email. Our team will have a look at your website, make sure the plugin is installed correctly, and ensure that it’s working as expected.

    That said, please note that Yoast SEO (like any other SEO plugin) is just a tool that helps you optimize your website but doesn’t guarantee high rankings in the search results. Google Rankings depend on hundreds of different factors (page speed, site content, mobile versions, etc.), most of which fall outside of the plugin’s scope.

    You may want to have a look at this post where we discuss the most common reasons why a page won’t rank on Google. If your pages don’t appear at all in the search results, we’d recommend you read this article.

    As for the optimization of your products, we know that sometimes it can be difficult to add at least 300 words to your pages. In this post, we discuss this same topic and suggest alternatives to writing lengthy copies for your product pages. Hope it helps!

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