• i scan your plugin with antivirus scaner and found virus.
    please leave clean wordpress plugin…

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  • Plugin Author Pagup


    Dear @moridev ,

    This plugin has been audited with most popular & efficient security systems (Plugin Security Scanner, Sucuri, Wordfence, …) available and has NEVER been flagged as containing virus or damaging in anyway WordPress files.

    Considering that this is your first activity ever on WordPress.org, I guess that your intention was to hurt the credibility of this plugin, our team and our professionalism …

    I invite WordPress team at reviewing our plugin.


    Moderator Steven Stern


    Support Team / Sword in the Darkness

    @pagup I think your response, accusing @moridev of ulterior and motives is inappropriate. Were I reading this review and your response, I’d certainly be less interested in using your plugin. Remember that you are judged on how how you treat your users as much as whether your plugin works.

    You may wish to read https://make.wordpress.org/plugins/2016/05/03/handling-bad-reviews/

    @moridev It’s not uncommon to see one scanner on Virus Total to show a false positive on a plugin,especially when fed a .zip file. I have very strong doubts about the BKAV scanner; it’s usually the one. I think you’ve misinterpreted the result of the virus scan. One scanner out of a couple dozen does not a virus make.

    Plugin Author Pagup


    You’re right ! The situation evoked by this user was so unthinkable that we, too quickly perhaps, reacted to his remarks on the defensive. Which was not appropriated …

    Just read your link, very instructive ! Thanks for this …

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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