why isn't user_can_richedit() passed to format_to_edit in get_comment_to_edit (1 post)

  1. jeffoire
    Posted 8 years ago #

    I see that in get_post_to_edit, when $post->post_content is is filtered through the format_to_edit function, user_can_richedit() is passed as the second parameter. It seems to me that the same thing ought to happen consistently, ie also to post_excerpt, as well as to comment_content in get_comment_to_edit.

    I'd love to know if there was a rationale behind doing it this way and/or what (if any) evil would befall me if I went through and always added user_can_richedit() to anything that is being filtered through format_to_edit.

    One reason I bring this up is because I see that I can enter html tags into a comment field with impunity (meaning they really do their stuff, like bolding and linking), but if I log in to the admin CP and edit them, only then are the angle brackets escaped into lt and gt entities.

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