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  • Folks, I too have been struggling with RSS. I have uploaded 1.5.2 but something still doesn’t seem right. I have loaded a bunch of different RSS formats from my site into my bloglines account, but new messages aren’t showing up on bloglines, nor in Feedburner. These two services download the existing posts when the account is created, but it’s as if WordPress never updates the new posts (or that these services can’t recognize them). Both services are working with my blogger accounts, so I’m pretty sure the problem isn’t with Feedburner or bloglines.

    Does this have to do with the way WordPress is trying to deal with RSS? Is there no plugin to create traditional XML files that can be read by these services. Help!

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  • Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    I just loaded your feed into Feeddemon and it works just fine 🙂

    You say that they download the existing posts – which is correct – but that it never updates the new posts. What do you mean ?

    The way WP generates all it’s feeds is fine and services have no problems… maybe you could explain the issue some more ?

    Sorry, it’s early!

    Here is what’s (not) happening.

    1) I subscribed to my site via my bloglines account. When I did so, it (of course) downloaded the existing posts.

    2) Since that time, I have written several posts over several hours. At no time did my bloglines account ever show that I had written new posts.

    3) I have had a similar issue in Feedburner. I did change (via feedburner’s suggest) the redirects to that service, so it is possible that the problem is a feedburner problem.

    4) I just made some changes in the feedburner account, which I hope will take care of this issue.

    Okay, not to be too much of a pain, but here is the deal. I posted a message on my site. When I went to bloglines, it never showed up there. So I went to my RSS feed link on my site, and lo and behold the message was never updated there as well.

    Unless something has changed in the last ten minutes, you will note that my last post isn’t reflected in my RSS feed.

    Any thoughts on what’s up with that?

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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