Why is wordpress too dumb to manage unused SQL tables? (2 posts)

  1. Native Imaging
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Why is wordpress too dumb to manage unused SQL tables?

    Should i really have to rely on another 3rd party plugin to manage the WP options tables?

    I mean really, I have 9,000 bad tables generated from bunky plugins, and there is absolutely no online reference to look them up and remove each manually....

    At this point, i'm stuck and have to delete the sites database and completely rebuild the entire site......


    I would be better of just writing html5 by hand, its faster, more reliable, and my users can't figure out the WP admin anyways.. its all just kinda junky now isn't it?

  2. WordPress CAN delete the options table settings, if the plugin tells it to, but ... by default it won't. Why? Well we tell people "Turn off/remove your plugins to debug!" and if every time someone did that it turfed their settings? YIKES!

    This should help: http://wordpress.org/plugins/wpdbspringclean/

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