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  • I am a 1st time WP user and am attempting to transfer my new website from my localhost to go LIVE. I am using the All in One WP Migration Plugin but when I watch tutorials, everyone seems to EXPORT files that total 70-95 MB.
    I have compressed photos and cleaned up my site but can’t get it below 590 MB!
    Anyone have a clue why my file would be so large and where I can reduce it?

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  • I think your images you used in the test environment are very large (in MB) and even if you Compact the images the file gets this huge size. Try to see the size of the images. The evil one in history must be his images.

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    You’ll need to look through the downloaded files to see where you’re you’re using space. Odds are, you have some large image files and your theme creates a bunch of derivative images.



    I use the All In One WP migration plugin and I’ve run into a similar problem with some of my sites.
    If you are able to access your site’s files, I recommend doing the following:
    Go to public_html/wp-content and see if there is a folder there called ai1wm-backups.
    If there is, open this folder and see if there are old backups sitting in this folder.
    You can delete these old backups and then run your export again and see if this helps.
    This has worked for me. I hope it helps you.
    As always, just remember to take a backup before deleting anything from your files.

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    Thanks all. I gave up and ended up recreating my pages live instead of trying to transfer from Local host to my Go Daddy. After talking to 4 different tech guys at Go Daddy the last one said I could not do it anyways since I don’t have access to the C-panel. Oh well. Thanks.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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