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  • I am using MayaShop theme with WooCommerce. Everything seems to be working great, except for when i add an item to the cart, and view the cart, the cart is blank at the top
    The only time the cart will show the items, is when i add a plugin on the right side of the page, but the top main body of the page is just completely blank

    Has anyone else had this same problem? Should I just delete the theme and reinstall it? (

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  • Elina


    Go to Settins > Pages, scroll down to Cart Page and select the cart page in the dropdown menu. Save settings.

    If this doesn’t work, edit the cart page and check if the shortcode is correct, which must be [woocommerce_cart].

    yes i did both of that
    cart page, edit, and all it says is “woocommerce_cart”
    i think its still default and never even changed anything so im sure its right

    the only thing i can think of, is that i have Mijireh Checkout enabled? would that make any difference?

    you can see how you add a shirt in the shopping cart, it adds it to the right side of the page, but it doesnt add it to the main body of the page where it should

    am i better off just wiping the site clean, uninstalling and installing my theme back on?



    Well, for me you website’s cart page shows “Not Found”, which made me think you had to set up cart page. If you did it all already, I don’t know what may be happening.
    Has it stopped working recently or never worked? Did you ran any updates?
    Try switching themes or deactivating all plugins and activating again.

    And at last, check out the template file of your cart page. There may be something wrong if it’s a hacked theme.

    thanks elina, i wiped entire site clean and reinstalled the theme and its working now
    the only thing im gonna have trouble with is the secure checkout page
    it seems to be going slow,but its the only cart that i found able to do cc through and also i dont have to get SSL and do all types of programming to try and get the checkout to work

    but if you have any suggestions let me know

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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