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  • Ok so I make a lot of posts on my WordPress.

    There is a problem that when I am typing in the title of the post box the permalink gets generated before I finish typing this. The only way around this is to type very fast and hope I don’t make any mistakes or I will have to write out the title again in the permalink box. This costs me so much time in the long run not to mention every time it happens I get more and more irritated. I have also had occasions where it has cropped the title short and I didn’t notice, resulting in having to go back and edit the post permalink thus losing facebook likes and shares gained in those moments of time. Not to mention the bad user experience of a poor permalink.

    Why would ANYONE want the permalink to generate when they are still typing the post title? EVER? It makes absolutely no sense. Why not just wait until the user clicks out the title box AFTER typing something?

    Is it really so hard to wait until the user clicks outside the title box before generating the permalink? I have been hoping this would be fixed with new updates for aaaaages but now with the latest update it is even worse and generates even faster. Sometimes it generates after typing just 3 letters! What a ****ing joke!!!! Why is something so simple not fixed?

    Please please please for the love of god fix this issue!!!!

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  • Moderator Marius L. J.


    This is because of how the auto-save function kicks in, I’ve found the easiest approach is to click the permalink (so you get into the edit mode), if you then remove everything in the box and hit “OK”, it will regenerate a new one immediately based on your current title.

    try to plugin “disabler” to disable some features such as autosave or revision. if you don’t know how to remove it manually

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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